Sunday, September 2, 2012

The work of amateurs

Last Tuesday afternoon, one of my senior texted me on Whatsapp. She said she wanted me to be her photographer on a photo shoot session. She was asked by her sister in Indonesia, whose friend is making a book about Moslem fashion. At first, I was shocked, and didn't really understand what she was talking about :p Firstly, because I am not a photographer and I never had a "real" photo shoot session before. I like photography, as some you may have already known, I love taking pictures - and being in them, haha - but not professionally, of course. I even never really learn deeper about it. Just some basics. And secondly, because she said that the deadline was two days later, so, we had to do it as soon as possible. *WHAT??*

Long story to short, I agreed to be her photographer. The day after, we ended up shooting in several different places - the garden of my apartment, bus station, subway station, and Xinghai Square. Here are some of the photos:

Location: Jindu Garden Apartment, Suzhou

Location: Jindu Garden Apartment, Suzhou
It was raining a bit when we started the photo shoot. Thank God it didn't last long. My transparent pink umbrella matched the outfit though, LOL.

Location: Jindu Garden Apartment, Suzhou
Psstt.. We tried a few times before we finally got this picture =P What do you think?

Location: Jindu Garden Apartment, Suzhou

Location: Xinghai Square, Suzhou
Me love this one.

Location: Xinghai Square bus station. Suzhou

Those are unedited. I don't do photo-editing too often & too well =P

Below, is the edited one (three pictures in one) :

Edited by: Ricky Siswanto
Location: Xihuan Lu subway station and Xinghai Square, Suzhou
This one is my favourite, for sure :)
Thanks to Ricky for editing my photos. Ahh, I have to learn photo-editing!

To be honest, I enjoyed the first time I did this kind of thing. And turns out that it's quite addictive! Hahaha.. How I love Suzhou because of its beautiful places! I wanna do this again! =D

Amateur model, amateur photographer, so, mind the quality =P I'd like to hear what you think about the pictures, so, do comment, please =)

P.S.: Later, she told me that they will mention the name of the photographers on the book. Kyaaa >.<

Model: Dinda Fath Faathiren
Photographer: Sylvia Sumitro
Stylist: Adinda Kusumawardhani

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