Friday, July 19, 2013

The Bucket List

Do you have a Bucket List? I didn't. I have things I always dream to do or places to go, but never had a list of them. Inspired by the Giveaway for the 4th Anniversary of Emotional Flutter, and some friends who also had written theirs - e.g. Viryani & Ci S - I decided to make one, not only just for fun, but also as reminders for myself :)

1. Backpacking to Europe
France (Eiffel Tower, of course), Vatican City, and UK!!

2. Visit Anfield Stadium
I LOVE Liverpool Football Club - I'm a BIG fan - and I've been dreaming of going to Anfield and meeting my favourite players, if possible. Watching them playing before my own eyes would be a dream comes true..

3. Go to a racing circuit or soccer field & watch the game LIVE

4. Go to a concert (CHECKED!)
I've been to a concert twice! (Thank God I lived in China, because my dad won't allow me to go to any events like that held in Indonesia - they often get uncontrolled.)
One of the concerts was a childhood dream came true. It's Westlife's last concert before the separation of the group. I'm lucky! :D

5. Snorkelling / Diving

6. Find the love of my life (CHECKED!)
Right from the start, everything just feels right with you :')

7. Get married and live happily ever after
Oh yes, I'm a cliche and romantic girl, who dreams to get married with my Prince and live happily ever after. I know that in reality, there's no such a happy-ever-after life. It needs efforts from both sides. But I also know that my dream will come true, because if love stories written by humans can have it, then my love story, who's been written by God, will even be a better story :)

8. Be a mom and a best friend for my kids
A son and a daughter would be perfect :p

9. Love my family and my job at the same time

10. Cook for him and he loves it
I love cooking. I hope I could cook everyday for my future husband, and I hope he'll like anything I cook for him =p

11. Visit Raja Ampat
The beauty of Indonesia. It's even more expensive than visitting other South-East Asian countries!
My dream is having prewedding photoshoots in Raja Ampat :p

12. Be a doctor (CHECKED!)
Been wanting to be one since childhood. By God's Grace, I've graduated as a doctor, and also by God's Grace, He will show me the way to help people with this job.

13. Drive my own car
I'm still in the process of learning how to drive. Wish me luck! >.<

14. Cuddle while watching Fireproof & Courageous together with my husband

15. Own a private practice at my house
The working hours will be during my husband's working hours and my kids' school hours :D

16. Own a childcare next to my private practice office

17. Start a business
Looking for a business to start. I'm sick of being dependent to my parent, I want to earn my own money :( Any idea?

18. Swimming pool inside the house

19. Buy a fire truck toy
My mom promised me to buy me one, but she never had the chance to do so, and I still keep that in mind till now.

20. Get lean
Target: 43 kg :p My diet always starts tomorrow >.<

21. Have my own walking closet

22. Visit Zhangjiajie and Jiuzhaigou
Have you watched "Avatar?

The beautiful view in the movie of Avatar was taken in Zhangjiajie (张家界), Hunan Province, China. It's soooo beautiful, isn't it? Many local Chinese people say that they wanna visit Zhangjiajie before they die.

Another one is Jiuzhaigou (九寨沟), means "Valley of Nine Villages", located in northern Sichuan Province.

Ahhh, beautiful... *catching my breath*

23. Own a blog (CHECKED!)
To spill what's inside my heart and my mind and hopefully inspire people..

24. Make creative anniversary gifts
I love to make something special for someone special, but the problem is, I'm not a creative person *sigh*

25. Print scrapbooks designed by myself (CHECKED!)
The front & back cover of my very first printed scrapbook

26. A pool-side wedding

27. Learn slow-dance or Salsa with my husband

28. Sing for my husband on my wedding day

29. Have "Beautiful in White" on my wedding day

30. Walk down the aisle with my dad

31. See my husband walk our daughter down the aisle

32. Grow old together with my lifetime partner aka husband

33. Make a snow angel, snowmen, and roll over on a snow field (CHECKED!)
It was in January 2007, my first winter in Suzhou and it was SO MUCH fun! We found a huge field covered by snow, had a snow fight, everything I was dreaming about living abroad in a four-seasons country :D

34. Road trip to another city other than Bali

35. Go to a drive-in movie theatre - just like in the movies!

36. Go on a cruise

37. Stay in a beach house on my honeymoon - the room has a big door glass with the beach as the view

38. Read bedtime stories for my kids every night

39. Survive a Long Distance Relationship

40. Have someone write a song for me

41. Stay in Marina Bay Sands for a couple of nights

42. Coreograph a dance & have it performed in front of people (CHECKED!)

43. Learn to ride a bicycle (CHECKED!)

44. Be best friends with my parents-in-law (especially mother-in-law) & sisters/brothers-in-law
To have good relationships with mother-in-laws has been a struggle to many women. I hope that won't experience that. I wanna be friends with them and treat them as my own family. Because, yes, my husband's family will be MY family as well :)

45. Meet other bloggers

46. Wake up next to a very special person every morning

47. Swim in the sea (CHECKED!)

48. Be on an out-of-town getaway with BFFs

49. Own a room for home theatre in the house

50. Fall for the same person over and over again everyday till FOREVER

to be continued... (if ever) xp

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