Friday, August 16, 2013

Lesson learned from a lost

Just got a very shocking news in the middle of the night..

One of my friend passed away last night.. She was still so young - even a year younger than me - she was 23 y.o!

She'd been diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematous - or we usually just say Lupus - since senior high school. It is an autoimmune disease that is mostly found in female. She was near to death and was treated in Shanghai. Thank God she survived. However, you can't really cure Lupus. You can only control it. You live with it forever.

After that "tragedic" moment, she had a great life. Yes, life had been great for her. At least that's how we would see it. We never know her struggles. She went to college in Shanghai, met the love of her life there, fell in love, then came back to Surabaya after graduated.

The saddest thing is that she was five months pregnant. She just got married in March 2013 and got pregnant not long after.

Everybody's thought and prayer are definitely with her family right now.. I know her elder sister too, both of them went to them same school with me since elementary school. I can't imagine being her husband - and Gosh, no, I don't wanna be in that position ever, if I may choose >.<

However, that's life. When there is a hello, there will be a goodbye. I guess it's time for her goodbye.. We, who's been left, are deeply saddened by this lost, but she is in a very better place right now and I'm sure she is happier there..

I think it's true that it is better for us to be grateful of what you've had (the time we've spent together and the memories we've shared) rather than regretting things we wont. She was a good girl, very cheerful, and a very nice person. Once you see her pict, you'll know that she is. But no, I won't put her pict here.

She once said, "Be grateful everyday for what you have, and for your life.". She felt so lucky that she was given the chance to live twice. She is such a lovable, strong girl that everybody's never gonna forget and will be so dearly missed.

She makes me think.. If I'm gone, what would people feel about me? What impression would I leave?

Live this life to the fullest. Be nice to people. Tell people you love how much they mean to you. NEVER take ANYONE or ANYTHING FOR GRANTED. Don't have any regret.. And most important of all, stay in faith. Be a blessing for the people surround you. That's what I learn and I wanna do my best to do it.

Goodbye Inge.. Thank you for everything. I'm grateful to have known you. Rest in peace, may your soul be with Him..


  1. hahhh gilaa jadi bayinya juga meninggal? gila gw jg ga kebayang kalo gw jadi suaminya gimana. and i donot want to if i may choose. muaahaha.

    nothing last forever is the easiest lesson we all learn the hardest way

    1. Yup, bayinya meninggal duluan malah ternyata, beberapa jam sebelum mamanya meninggal, krn efek obat yg harus dikasi demi nyelametin mamanya.. She didn't make it either though :(

      Well, it's true.. Kalo emang udah waktunya seseorang untuk pergi, it will happen. Kalo belum waktunya, pasti bisa survive. At least she's in a better place right now..

  2. Sis....punya pengalaman ke zhangjiejie ngak saya punya tiket pesawat dari guangzhou rencana pengen ke zhangjiejie bisa kasi rekomen ngak