Sunday, May 11, 2014

It's Mother's Day!

Hiii thereeee!!! :)

I know I've been away for so loooonggg, and I'm sorry for that :(
When was my last post here? I think "2013" was still written on the date of it.

I've been living in Bali since December 2013 and I've got no internet conncection in my room. I know it's not an excuse because I can still blog with my phone - like what I'm doing right now - but it's hard sometimes to blog not using computers/laptops. And I have a problem opening blogspot with my browser in my phone, I don't know why - I can't see the blogs I've been following, so, yes, I can't open your blogs either :'(

But since today is Mother's Day, I think I'll share something here :)

For some of you who follow my Instagram, you may have read this, but I wanna add some to what I've just posted there. My blog readers deserve something more and Instagram is just for sharing photos & maybe short writings, they won't want posts this long :D

I'd been having trouble sleeping lately. I could hardly fall asleep and I woke up really early the next morning without feeling sleepy even though I'd only slept for 2-4 hours.
People would've asked, "What have you been thinking that keeps you from falling asleep?" - I would have, too. But actually, there was nothing in particular that I'd been thinking that kept me awake. My mind just wouldn't stop wandering around thinking about anything I could think of. I'd tried everything. Usually I would pray, listen to comforting Gospel songs, even count the sheeps lol. And usually it worked. But none of them did last time.

I told one of my friends here and she said that she had experienced it before. Her psychiatrist told her to stop doing anything - even counting the sheeps :D - and just imagine that one place/situation that she feels peaceful the most. She did, and it worked. So, she told me to do so and I did it, too.

At first, I didn't know what it was. Where or when do I usually feel peaceful the most? But then, I don't know how, I just decided to imagine the feeling when I was sleeping beside my mom while holding her arm. Yes, I slept with my parents - between them - until before I went to junior high school - maybe that's why I don't have any younger siblings :p hahahaha..
Anyway, it's been a long time but I still can feel and imagine the feeling..
And guess what? I felt very peaceful and I fell asleep not long after ;)

So, I guess it is true when people say, "No matter how old I get, I always want my mom when I don't feel good". No matter how much I've grown, how much I love my boyfriend and any other person, I always want and need my mom, and nobody can replace her :')

And I believe that it's not just me. Even a grown up son who's not too close to his mother would want - at least need - his mom when he is not feeling good or when he is sick. That's the nature. Because moms always make us feel good. Moms always know what to do. Moms, with all of her insanity, have made the world sane. Because that's what mothers do: they worry too much, they get insane when it comes to their kids, yet without us realising, that's what makes us feel better even when we're sick, find everything when we're looking for something we can't find, eat anything we want - just mention it to mom and, voila, it will appear on your dining table the day after - and that's what makes us forever be mom's little kid no matter how mature we get or how successful persons we've grown to be.

So, even if you are not usually close to your mom, or you are not that sweet warm type of a kid, today is a good "excuse" to show some love to that amazing woman that's been with you ever since you were concieved, because it's Mother's Day ;)

My mom is still there whenever I need her, even when she is not physically with me.
She is my queen, my Guardian Angel.

Happy Mother's Day to all beautiful moms in the world!
You make the sun shine brighter and the world a little less cruel with all the love you have given to your kids :)


  1. well written my dear ;) xoxo

  2. Aww thank you cintaa.. wes lama ga ngeblog begitu ngeblog km langsung comment, wonder how.. hmm.. wkwkwkk.. smooches! :*

  3. hahahha dan aku baru baca balesan comment mu ini setelah eerr.... more than 2 yearrsss hahahahaha